Mac Clipboard Options

Here’s a nice review of what seems to be a great little Mac clipboard program, iClip.

As the author notes, at $19 the product isn’t free (there is a free trial option, though). But, as the commenters note, there are a few free options out there if you think having a clipboard feature on your Mac would make your life easier.

Café versus Cafe

One is a lovely place for a leisurely, sunny lunch – and the other is just a dark, misspelled word for “cave”.

I kid, but, hey, I was a French major once upon a time. But, seriously, do those special characters break up the flow of your writing when using the default U.S. keyboard? Good news – especially if you’re a Mac user. From ProfHacker:

CharacterPal . . . provides a small reference for typing the character you want. Once you download and install the widget, you simply find the character that you’re looking for, hover the mouse over that character, and it displays the keyboard combination that you’ll use to generate it. In addition to keyboard combinations, the widget can also show you the HTML code that corresponds to your choice. All that, and it’s free!

If you’re a Windows user, you can go widget-free via the character map (accessories  → system tools → character Map).

Now go enjoy some crème brûlée!