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I am the Manager of Instructional Design in the Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence at Texas Christian University.

LearningStudio Threaded Discussions Enhancements

New features just launched in Pearson LearningStudio Threaded Discussions Preferences!

Enhancements and changes:

  • New features added to the Threaded Discussion Preferences found in Course Admin.
    Threaded Discussion Preferences

    • Hide topics from students for all Threaded Discussions
      • Settings can be enabled at both course-level as a default and also at topic level (override)
      • Course-level and topic-level settings will be duped if course copy tool is utilized.
    • Post first: The instructor has the ability to require students to respond to a given topic prompt prior to seeing the responses by their peers.
      • Settings can be enabled at both course-level as a default and also at topic level (override)
      • Course-level and topic-level settings will be duped if course copy tool is utilized.
    • Display number of responses for a topic: A message count for a topic is displayed for both instructors and students.
      • This feature can be enabled/disabled at the Course Admin level.

Threaded Discussion preferences (and other course admin settings) will be copied over when using the Course Copy tool

Instructor View from “Add Topic” screen from Author for Threaded Discussion

Instructor View from "Add Topic" screen from Author for Threaded Discussion

Course View of Threads (Instructor and Student)

Course View of Threads (Instructor and Student)

The Threaded Discussion Preferences page has been updated on our website to reflect these new enhancements.

LearningStudio Gradebook Enhancements (Instructor)

The Pearson LearningStudio Gradebook enhancements launched today!

The enhancements includes the following: (select links below for feature descriptions)

Gradebook how-to documents and videos have been updated on our website to reflect these new enhancements.

Watch a video recording of the December 11th webinar on the enhancements.

More webinars will be offered in January on these enhancements. View the full schedule on our website.

LearningStudio Gradebook Enhancement Announcement

An early enhancement to the Pearson LearningStudio Gradebook just launched!

Email & Expand/Collapse Comments from within the Gradebook

New Grade Detail View: allows instructors to send an email directly from the gradebook and expand/collapse the comments window. The Grade Detail view appears when you select a student name from an assignment in the gradebook or dropbox, or when you select a student score/grade.

Selecting the Email button will open a separate window to compose and send an email to the student directly from the gradebook.

Grade Details View: Email and Expand or Collapse Comments window

Selecting the new Comments button from within the Grade Details View will expand the comments box

Click the Comments button to expand the window to provide comments and feedback to the students.

Performance improvements:
Previously, when any data was changed, all of the data on the screen would refresh. Now, only the data that was changed is refreshed, reducing the data load on the servers.

Performance for courses with a large number of enrollments is improved, mitigating timeouts for programs offering large courses.

What enhancements are coming December 16th?

We anticipate the launch of the features below to be December 16, 2013.

  • Send email directly from an assignment view in the Gradebook
  • User Interface changes
  • Auto scoring
  • Assign Zero grade for work not submitted
  • Hide Item Summary
  • Rubrics: Build and Assess

We will continue to offer webinars December 11 and in January on these enhancements. View the full schedule on our website.

Documentation and detailed information about the gradebook enhancements will be sent next week.

Request your summer 2013 LearningStudio course shells

Now accepting summer 2013 Pearson LearningStudio course shells requests!

The request process is directly linked to faculty assignments with the Registrar.

Step 1: Request Shell

Faculty* will go to http://www.my.tcu.edu to make requests. A new, blank course shell will be created as a result of this request.  Use the HOW TO INSTRUCTIONS to walk through the process.

Deadlines: Courses requested after May 6th are not guaranteed to be ready for the first day of class.

*Only faculty assigned to a course may make the request. Please use Class Search for class information and to confirm your assignment. If you find that you are not assigned to your course, please contact your department.

Step 2: Wait for Enrollment Email

Once requested, Koehler Center staff will process the request and enroll professors and teaching assistants.

Beginning summer 2013, faculty enrollments and student enrollments will process at the same time via an automated process. Once enrolled, an email will be sent to faculty members notifying them the enrollment has processed. TA enrollments are still a manual process, so there will be a slight delay for processing.

Step 3: Copy Content

You will be notified via email when your course shell(s) are ready. If you previously had a Pearson LearningStudio course shell, you can use the Faculty Copy Tool to copy all or part of any existing course content into your new course shell.

UPDATE: Pearson LearningStudio restored

Pearson LearningStudio has been restored to full working condition.  Users should be able to access the platform and all features without issue.

If you have any problems with LearningStudio, please report them immediately to the Pearson 24/7 support line at 800-826-1665 or email helpdesk@tcuglobal.edu

Thank you again for your patience & understanding while teams worked to resolve this issue.

UPDATE: Pearson LearningStudio (eCollege) currently unavailable

The Pearson LearningStudio platform is coming back online and limited access has been restored.  Until we get the final “resolved” notification from Pearson, you may still have some issues accessing or experiencing slowness in LearningStudio.
We appreciate your patience as we work with Pearson to get back online.  We will send more information when it becomes available.


Pearson LearningStudio (eCollege) is currently unavailable

Pearson LearningStudio (eCollege) is currently down, due to a system event.
Pearson’s IT department is working to resolve this issue and return the system to normal functioning ASAP.   They anticipate the system being unavailable until approximately 10am CST.
Our team is monitoring this closely and will update the TCU community as soon as we have more information.