Request Your Spring 2014 LearningStudio Course Shells

TCU faculty, it’s that time again!

Request A Shell
Faculty* will go to to make requests. A new, blank course shell will be created as a result of this request.

If you are team teaching, please have the lead faculty member request your course (and any additional sections) to prevent duplicate requests.

Use the HOW TO INSTRUCTIONS to walk you through the new process.

*Only faculty assigned to a course may make the request. Please use Class Search for class information and to confirm your assignment. If you find that you are not assigned to your course, please contact your department.

More information is available on the Koehler Center website.

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About kate marshall

I work for the Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence at Texas Christian University. I am interested in technology, teachers, learners, and pedagogy - and the relationship(s) among these four. I also like cooking, knitting, and running (alas, in that order!).

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