Digital Flashcards

With final exams approaching, this is an opportune moment to talk about digital flashcards. In fact, this may be a post that you’d like to share directly with your students – be our guest!

Once students have the list of topics that the final exam will cover, you might encourage them to come up with a review plan. Smart students don’t just plunge in and review: they develop a strategy that covers all topics, allows for extra focus on areas / topics where they feel less confident, builds in repetition, and provides feedback.

Digital flashcards can help students study efficiently and leverage their classmates’ knowledge. Created through a website, an app, or a free software download, students can enter relevant concepts and review them. There are even options out there that can accommodate equations, pronunciations, and non-Latin alphabets. Many digital flashcard products also have mobile apps, meaning students can review on the go. Students can keep their flashcards private, share them with designated individuals, or opt to make them public (visible to anyone). If your students are ready to get started, we’ve reviewed some great digital flashcard options in a previous post.

But do flashcards work? It seems, for most learners, they do!

Infographic about role of flashcards in memorization process; indicates they are useful for all but kinesthetic learners


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