New: Pearson LearningStudio Password Reset

Effective January 10, 2013

In a continued effort to improve user experience, security, and adherence with industry standards, TCU, in partnership with Pearson has released a password reset feature for Pearson LearningStudio.

There are several items of particular note:

  • Users logging on to Pearson LearningStudio for the first time post-release, will be prompted to create security questions. The prompt can be dismissed, but it will continue to display after login until the questions are completed.
    Create Security Questions for future password reset

    Texas Christian University Additional Security

    The above image displays the Security prompt users will see upon login to Pearson LearningStudio via or upon selecting a class from the LearningStudio QuickLink icon within in

    The user must input an email address where they wish to receive the password rest link. Please note that this email address will not overwrite the user’s email address used in their Pearson Learning Studio profile.

  • The login page now includes a password reset link that will require users to answer their security questions prior to reset. Once the user has verified his/her identity, the user will receive an email with a link to initiate a password reset. This link will be valid for 24 hours.
  • Pearson’s 24/7 Tech Support will not provide passwords to users. Upon request Tech Support will send a password reset link to the email on record for the user’s account in our system. If the user does not have access to the email address on record, the user will need to contact for assistance.

Read more about the new security measures on our website.


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