Last reminders of 2012

As we are prepare for the holiday break, we wanted to reach out to our TCU LearningStudio faculty (or those who aspire to be) and send a reminder about a few things:

Don’t forget to copy your course shells:  Your course shells were created as new, blank shells.  It is your responsibility to copy the content. If you want everything (Instructor generated content & setup), including gradebook set up, to copy over from a previous term, please choose “Copy All Content” then check the boxes for all options.  Review the Copy Tool how to page.

Course Shell Requests: The deadline has passed for any course shells to be guaranteed to be created by the first day of the Spring term.  We are still taking requests, however, and will process them after the holiday break.  All requests must be made through  Review the course request how to instructions.

Enrollments for Spring: Your students will be loaded into the Pearson LearningStudio shells approximately  1 week before classes start.  You will be notified when they are in, at that time and asked to verify enrollments.    Remember though, students will not be able to access your LearningStudio shells until 12:01am on the first day of class.  Any information you need to share prior to your term start date, as dictated by the Registrar’s calendar, will need to be emailed to the students.

We wish you a very happy and safe holiday break.  See you in 2013!

The Koehler Center team



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