Finding Properly Licensed Images for your Course

First, an update to an earlier post of ours regarding how to find images with the proper use licenses, so that you can feel absolutely comfortable using said images in your course. It seems that Google’s layout has changed a little, so here is how you would do this in the current Google set-up.

To find a properly licensed Google Image:
1. Go to Google and click on the word “Images” on the left-hand side of the options running across the top of the page (in the black bar). This will ensure that you are only searching images.

2. Enter your search terms in the box. Hit enter or click on the blue magnifying glass button to see the results of the simple search for your image.

3. To refine your results for the type of use that fit your needs, google image search settings buttonclick on the settings button (see image at right). The button is located in the upper right corner, just above the returned images.

4. From the drop-down menu that appears, select Advanced Search.

5. On the new search page (which will have retained your original search term), scroll down to the very bottom for the usage rights options. Click on the drop-down menu to select the use that matches your needs.

6. Click the blue Advanced Search button, just underneath the usage rights field, and watch your results appear. Voilà!

Of course, Google is only one way to locate the right legal image. Pearson’s online education blog has a very informative post reviewing several options for locating free and properly licensed images. Building on that post, which mentions Flickr as an option for images, ProfHacker has some advice about the easiest way to search Flickr for Creative Commons licensed photos.

Last, once you’ve located all those amazing and legal images, here is the documentation from the Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence regarding how to put images in your Pearson LearningStudio course shell.

p.s. If you’re still on the fence about using images in your course or would like a review of what Creative Commons licensing is all about, we’ve got you covered in this post from our archives.


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