Screencasting options

We’ve written about using Jing for screencasting. Alas, it seems that the Pro version of Jing will soon be no more. The free version (which lets you record up to 5 minutes) should be sufficient for most users and isn’t going anywhere.

If you happened to be a Jing Pro user need some help processing your feelings about the loss of Jing Pro (or another dearly beloved program), here’s a little dark humor regarding the stages of software grief.

The benefits of screencasting and screencaptures are still going strong! Screencasting and screencaptures can be helpful for providing visuals to accompany directions related to any number of activities: a new computer program students have to use, resources they need to access online, or a complicated file upload procedure they need to follow. In the food-for-thought vein, here’s a scholarly article arguing that “screencast video feedback serves as a better vehicle for in-depth explanatory feedback that creates rapport and a sense of support for the writer than traditional written comments.”

If you’d like to use screencasting or screenshots for comments, tutorials, or other purposes in your course, the free version of Jing is still going strong. Another option garnering a fair amount of press is Skitch, from the folks at Evernote. Like Jing, Skitch is free. Magical! And, building on last week’s post, Skitch evern integrates with Evernote, so you can put you videos and images right in your notes! Alas, there’s no Skitch for your windows machine (although this is reportedly coming), but you can use Skitch on your iPad, Mac, and Android.

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