TCU’s Pearson LearningStudio Mobile Website

login page of TCU LearningStudio mobile websiteAs courses are ramping up and our calendars are filling with meetings, lectures, and other campus events, now seems like the perfect time to post a little reminder about TCU’s Pearson LearningStudio mobile website.

The mSite is a slimmed down version of your Pearson LearningStudio experience, designed for mobile devices (including iPads). No special downloads or apps are required!

Users can use the browser on any device to access the mSite at or visit

What can you do/see on the msite?

Courses – A user can see their currently enrolled courses.

Announcements – A user can see all of the Announcements within each course. Rich text is supported in Announcements.

Activity – Activity is a cross-course feed that shows the user what’s happening in their courses. Items include threads posts and responses, Dropbox submissions, and Gradebook items.

Upcoming – Upcoming shows the user a cross-course list of upcoming events, which includes any item with a due date, or start/end date. Included in this list are scheduled threads, quizzes/exams, and HTML content with due dates.

Discussions – The Discussions section shows active discussions (posts within the last 24 hours) from across a user’s courses, and let’s the user see all topics, organized by unit. Discussion topics support rich text and images. Users can reply to any topic or response. When a message is unread in Discussions, a colored bar shows to the left of the cell as a subtle indicator that the user has not yet read the message.

Gradebook – A user can see their Gradebook, with both graded and ungraded items, and see details for graded items.

Want more information? Check out or msite how-to videos for instructors and students.


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