Podcasts as Assignments

Do you have assignments where students create their own podcasts?

If you’re thinking about having students create their own podcasts, this is a very insightful and honest piece about the mistakes one professor made with a podcast assignment. The follow-up to that article is this blog post about getting student feedback on podcasting assignments (note that you could adapt this survey for any type of instructional technology used in your course).

The Koehler center has podcast-related info on our audio resources page.

On  a related note, I think podcasts made by others (either radio professionals, scholars, or community members) make wonderful “reading” assignments. Have you used podcasts in this way in your classes? Are there certain topics or podcast producers that worked well for you? Are there lessons you’ve learned the hard way? Please share in the comments.

Last, if you’ve had to adapt a podcast assignment (either a production- or listening-based one) for accessibility concerns, we’d love to know the accommodations you made.


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