Using Groups in Pearson LearningStudio

Do you have a Pearson LearningStudio course shell? Are there multiple sections in one shared shell, or are group projects a large component of your class? If so, using the Group Management tool in Pearson LearningStudio may be for you.

The Group Management tool allows you to place students enrolled in the course shell into distinct groups. Once your students are in groups, you can share certain content items with each group and create associated dropboxes, and use dedicated threaded discussions or chat rooms for each group. You or the students can also email the whole group using the email tool within LearningStudio. Likewise, you or the students can use the document sharing tool to share documents just with members of the selected group. Throughout the course shell, students will only see the items associated with their group, whereas you, as the instructor, will see items for all the groups.

You might use groups based on the registrar’s section numbers, project / paper / presentation topics, or grad students versus undergrads. Another extremely useful way to use groups is to create groups of students to allow for university-approved disability accommodations; in this way, you could use the same exams or paper topics but grant the student(s) longer time to complete the items or adapt the items in other appropriate ways.

The Koehler Center has a lovely video and some written how-to information about the Group Management tool.


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