Embedding Video Tutorials in your Pearson LearningStudio Course Shell

Are you using the Dropbox, Threaded Discussions, Doc Sharing, Webliography, or other course tools / features in your Pearson LearningStudio course shell? Do students ever struggle with the mechanics of this technology?

Of course, we know that you’re providing clear directions and you may even be linking to the Koehler Center’s Pearson LearningStudio student how-to documentation (note that each topic has its own page, so you can give your students exactly the information they need). The dedicated students may click on the links you provide, read the information or watch the videos, and resolve their issues. A more common scenario might entail a student having a question about how something in the course shell works, and then emailing you with the question and / or an excuse about completing an assigned task, or perhaps not contacting you and completing the task at all.

An easier way to handle this situation is to embed the video tutorial directly in your course shell. Now, you no longer have to rely on the students clicking the link to get the information – all they have to do is press the play button on the page they are already reading! Embedding the tutorials in your course shell is pretty easy since the Koehler Center has uploaded all our video tutorials to YouTube and YouTube provides you with some handy embed code that you can copy and paste.

Here’s a step-by-step guide how to embed

1. Find the video tutorial you would like to embed. You can look at the list of Pearson LearningStudio student how-to documentation, click on specific topics, and then on the video icon for the topic or sub-topic.

2. The video will display. Click on the share button in the upper-right corner of the video.

screenshot showing the location of the share link on a YouTube video (the upper right corner of the box)

3. The video background screen will change, and you will now see the embed button in the center-left of the screen. Click on this.

screenshot showing the location of the embed button on a YouTube video (center left side of the screen)

4. First, make sure the box next to “show suggested videos when the video finishes” is unchecked – you don’t want your students distracted by YouTube’s suggestions! Then, (using Ctrl+C on a PC or Apple+C on a Mac) copy the embed code highlighted in the box.

screen shot showing the highlighted embed code automatically generated by the YouTube video

Halfway done! Now you’ll just need to put that code you’ve copied into your Pearson LearningStudio course shell so your students can see it. You can opt to embed the video tutorial in any text/multimedia content item or unit homepage, an announcement, or a threaded discussion. Depending on your course, you’ll need to figure out the best place to put your tutorial; this might be alongside (or preceding) the first instance of a given type of assignment, with each instance of the assignment, or in a general video tutorials unit or content item in your course shell.

Once you’ve decided on the spot, here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Go to your Pearson LearningStudio shell and select the text/multimedia content item (or create a new content item). Once your content item is created/selected, then select the AUTHOR tab on the upper-left side of the screen to make sure you are in author mode.

Screenshot showing the location of the author tab in the upper left corner of the Pearson LearningStudio course shells.

2. Select the HTML tab in the bottom left corner of the visual editor. This will change the visual editor box to an HTML code view.

Screenshpt showing the location of the HTML toggle on the lower-right of visual editor window in Pearson LearningStudio

3. Place your cursor in the box, wherever you would like to place the video, and then (using Ctrl+V or right click>Paste on a PC or Command+V on a Mac) paste in the video embed code.

4. Save your changes using the save changes button on either the upper or lower right side of the page, and then select the COURSE tab (adjacent to the author tab on the upper left side of your page) to view your video. Voilà, the tutorial should appear right before your (and your students’!) eyes!

Four steps on the YouTube side, and four steps on the Pearson LearningStudio side! We hope you’ll use our videos to make your life and your students’ lives easier. Again, here’s the list of the Koehler Center’s Pearson LearningStudio student how-to documentation; you can find video tutorials by clicking on the specific topics.

p.s. I’ve highlighted how to embed video content using the Koehler Center’s LearningStudio how-to videos, but you could also follow the same procedure to embed any other YouTube video that you find / make – details are on the Koehler Center’s YouTube Videos and Pearson LearningStudio page.


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