The Big Picture

As the Fall semester begins, it seems like a good time to take a step back and consider some perspectives about teaching with teaching with technology.

Apps, programs, approaches, software packages, and devices all fall under the umbrella of “teaching with technology” – our goal at the Koehler Center is to keep the focus on what works for you and your students. Beyond solving problems for an immediate lesson or semester, teaching with technology can be part of a larger teaching philosophy or professional goal. If you’re thinking about how to fit some specific class-based solutions into a larger framework, the resources below might be helpful:

Nine Theses on Teaching with Technology – Thought-provoking, and ripe for adaptation into your own worldview.

When it comes to Education Technology, Video won’t Kill the Radio Star –  This post on the role of emerging educational technologies and the human connection in the classroom makes the point that “When more courses incorporate digital materials, there is less and less distinction between in-person learning and digital learning. Far from replacing the human aspect of education, this improved understanding of communications patterns and comprehension can lead to greater empathy and a more productive classroom.” (And, yeah, I totally wanted to link the video, but, hey, I already have!)

The Future of Educational Technology – Ideally, in using educational technology, we’re not just helping our students grasp key concepts, but also providing them with authentic, transferable learning experiences and skills, in fitting with the mission of the university and larger beliefs about the role of education in society. If you’re wanting some depth as you think about the larger place of educational technology, this post is a good start.

If the above links have you wanting more concrete information, here are some useful links:

20 Tips and Resources for Using Learning Technology in Higher Education – From our British friends over at The Guardian, this is a great round-up of practical information, collected from professors, instructional designers, and program directors in the U.S. and UK.

20 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have – I wouldn’t read this as a must-have list, but more as a list of tools from which you might pick 2-3 to explore incorporating into your courses, as appropriate.

How to Learn the Basics of Digital Technology – New products are being released all the time; here are some great tips about how to approach tinkering with new items. After all, if you never try it, how could you ever incorporate it into the classroom?

Best, for TCU faculty, check out the Koehler Center’s workshop and events schedules. We hope to see you at one of our sessions!


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