Adding an Instructor Bio to your Course Shell

How do your students learn about your professional background and accomplishments, your contact information and preferences, as well as gain a sense of who you are outside of school and work?

A short speech on the first day of class (in a face-to-face class, of course) is one way to do this. And, provided your students aren’t scanning the syllabus or searching the room for friends or future friends, they might pay attention and remember what you say. But what if there were some way to put this information somewhere where the students could reference it at their own convenience and where it would never be lost?

Enter the instructor bio in your course shell – the perfect, permanent place for your bio! But what to put? And how to format it? The Koehler Center has a sample instructor bio, complete with a downloadable template that you can place in your own Pearson LearningStudio course shell.

Of course, if you are teaching an online course, you’ll absolutely want to have an instructor bio up, complete with a photo. Additionally, you may want to strongly consider having an audio or video introduction as well.

As motivation to make an informative instructor bio, I’d like to share one of my favorite cartoons (ever!) with you.

Last, turnabout is fair play: here are the photos and bios of the Koehler Center staff. We’d love to meet you at one of our open labs, trainings, or special events!


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