Helping your Students have a Successful eLearning Start

As a follow-up to the post about getting started tips for the instructor, this post has some getting started information for students. These are things you might share with your students in an email, in a welcome message, in your course expectations, on your syllabus, or in some other introductory format. Some of the links are primarily aimed at online courses, but there are also some really useful tidbits for students who are using a course shell as part of a face-to-face class.

First, this is a list of five things every student should do when starting an online course. Some of these seem obvious, but it’s always better to stress the obvious in terms of expectations rather than have to pick up the pieces midway through the semester.

Successful students generally have great time-management skills. If you think your students might need a few tips, the link above could be a good thing to share – this might be especially true if your classes have first-year students or have students who are making the leap into advanced research or field experience courses.

The best time-management skills in the world, however, won’t make up for flagging motivation. Since our focus in this post is on students, here are five things students can do to stay motivated while studying online.

Wishing you and your students a wonderful Fall semester!


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