Learnist & Instructables

We’ve written about ShowMe and Snapguide, two different tutorial-making tools that allow you to provide brief, visual how-to information for a subject of your choice. Lab procedures? Candy making? Deciphering an address in a foreign language? You got it!

There are two other tutorial sites that are getting some press in the world of educational technology: Learnist and Instructables. Both have a Pinterest-like feel, in that there is an exceedingly friendly visual pin-board layout, coupled with the ability to sort tutorials by category.

Learnist is in closed beta form, although you can request an an invite. Although there is a robust education area (including contributions from college professors), the site also includes how-to information on wide variety of topics.

Instructables identifies as more of a DIY resource; there’s no education category per se, although you can find tutorials on lasers, science, websites, relationships, and solar items.

How might you use these with your students? You could, of course, create your own tutorials about course concepts. You could also select or ask your students to select tutorials for discussion: is there a tutorial that illustrates a course concept or one where more specialized knowledge might have improved the outcome? You might even consider having students share their knowledge by making a tutorial in the style of one these sites.

Last, if you’re interested in something like this for your course, but tutorials don’t quite fit the bill, we’ve compiled quite the list of multimedia and teaching tools and internet streaming video resources on our website. If you’re using something exciting, let us know!


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