Summer Technology Time

Whether your school year is done, still going, or about to re-start for summer school, we hope you find a little downtime this summer.

The summer is also a great time to learn about and practice integrating new technology tools into your upcoming classes.

Where to begin? Start small – maybe one new thing for next term. Is there a technology tool that you’re using to keep yourself organized or for your research that might benefit your students? Have your colleagues been doing exciting things with technology? Is there a tool out there that might help illustrate the concepts with which students struggled the most this year? Alternately, can you build on the successes you had with teaching tools this year?

Here are two helpful approaches to summer and educational technology: My Summer Tech To-Do List and Five Teaching Tools to Try this Summer.

If you’re TCU faculty, note that the Koehler Center also has some upcoming workshops and open labs. Perhaps you’d like to learn about all the features of LearningStudio? Or maybe you’re ready to get the most out of the gradebook? We’re here to help!

If you’re looking to branch out beyond LearningStudio, check out our resources for Multimedia & Teaching Tools. You can find everything there from information there about recording your own audio and video to information about different apps, ways to find images for your courses, uses for social media in your course, etc.

Last, let us know what you’re learning about this summer! What technology-related changes are you hoping to make the next time you teach?


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