Google Education On Air FREE conference

Google Education is hosting a free conference on May 2, 2012 via Google+ Hangout on various topics Education related!

Conference information

There are some great session topics on various tools.  A few that caught my attention are:

  • Managing Digital Portfolios
  • Using Google Docs to Organize the Classroom
  • Google Docs for Writing Instructors
  • Using Google Sketchup In the classroom
  • The Play, The Playwright, and Your Scene: Using Google Docs, Sites and YouTube
  • Google Sites for your Classroom (Basics)
  • The Paperless Classroom with Google Docs
  • Becoming a Google Search Ninja
  • Google Forms for Everything
  • I think, Therefore I blog

The price is right (FREE) and the topics sound pretty interesting. I hope to attend a few sessions, time permitting.  What about you?  Are you going to attend?  Which sessions interest you?


Tell us what you think!

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