ShowMe and Snapguide

ShowMe and Snapguide are both apps that allow you to create and record your own instructional content, upload it, and get it to your students quickly.

ShowMe is iPad-only. It’s a free whiteboard app that also also captures audio; you can sketch out concepts or processes and record and pause your commentary as you go along. The focus is definitely on handwritten notes and sketches in multiple colors, not on animation. However, you can drag and drop images from your photo library and then write over and around them. There is also a real-time feature, in which users can see text as it is being written on the iPad; this seems like could be very useful for offering quick corrections to math or chemistry equations, for example. There is also a crowdsourcing element in which you can search the uploaded lessons / screencaptures and narrations of others (upon uploading, you have the choice whether or not to share your content publicly).

Below is ShowMe’s promo video. The video itself has more of a K-12 focus, but it does give you a sense of ShowMe’s potential.

Unlike ShowMe, whose focus is explicitly educational, but restricted to iPad users, Snapguide bills itself as a more versatile how-to resource. To that end, it is designed for iPhones, iPod Touch, and the iPad. Snapguide is free. You can take pictures or record videos; captions can be added by directly typing them in or using Snapguide’s voice-to-text feature. You can then share your guide on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus; in addition, others are able to search for your guide when they’re looking for relevant expertise.

The image below is a link to a sample Snapguide tutorial. Check it out!
 Image that is hot link to snapguide on solving a Rubik's cube

The genius of these apps is that learners can seek out the information exactly when they need it – when they’re stuck, when they realize they have misunderstood something, or when they’re just about to take the next, complicated step: the knowledge is relevant and the learner is interested. Alternately, as the instructor, you can quickly snap a few pictures or record a quick video about proper apparel for an off-site meeting, mixing a chemical solution, or pronouncing a tricky word, or engaging in a culturally appropriate greeting – all enabling you to head off problems before they occur.


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