The Future is Now?

Here’s a nice list of fun, new tech-y things to brighten your weekend:

1. Photoshop CS6 Beta. Now. Free.
You’re welcome!

2. 2012 Pearson Foundation Report on Students and Tablets (Yes, the Foundation is funded by the people who bring us LearningStudio). The report finds that: “Tablet ownership among college students and college-bound high school seniors has more than
tripled from a year ago. Further, a large number of students plan to purchase a tablet within the next six months.”

3. How Tech will Transform the Traditional Classroom. I’m hoping that, as you read this piece, you’ll see at least a few ideas / programs / apps / software packages / technologies that we’ve covered here on the blog!

4. TED Talks app and the Khan Academy app. Take your learning anywhere (and, in some cases, even where there’s no internet access).

5. Tour the Amazon with Google Street View. The ultimate passport-free spring break!


Tell us what you think!

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