Life in the Cloud

We’ve already written about Google Docs and DropBox several times, and while these may be the most familiar examples of cloud-based computing, there are many other cloud-based educational technologies out there. Here’s a nice list from John Kuglin of the University of Montana.

  • SlideRocket allows educators and students to build and deliver presentations online, offline, and via mobile devices.
  • SideVibe lets teachers build interactive lectures directly on top of existing web pages. Students can engage in online discussion, while teachers can collect and assess student work instantaneously.
  • Screencast-O-Matic allows users to record video directly from their browser and embed it into a lecture or presentation. They simply draw a box around what they want to capture and click “start recording.” Because it’s cloud-based, there is no software installation necessary.
  • With JetJaw, educators can perform real-time formative assessments: Students text a code from their mobile phones and can immediately participate in a survey or quiz. The results are instantaneously recorded and can even be displayed on-screen as they come in.
  • iCyte is used to capture web pages and pdfs and save them directly to the cloud. The tool archives pages just as they looked when they were saved, even if the site itself is updated or removed.

To this list I might add SpiderOak, a free cloud-based back-up service similar to DropBox. Storage is free up to 2 GB, with an option to purchase more space. Here’s a little tutorial to familiarize you with SpiderOak.

Are you using any of these cloud tools? Or other cloud-based solutions? What you like / dislike about life in the cloud?


3 thoughts on “Life in the Cloud

  1. Life in the cloud is really cool when we use it effectively. I have been using Dropbox, Spideroak and Syncblaze. Syncblaze would sound new since it been recently launched I guess and available only through to channels. It’s a solution similar to Dropbox and seems to offer better features. I guess you may even add it to your list very soon as free trail is available.


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