Video Day!

Why would you want to show a video in your course?

You can use videos in your face-to-face courses before a classroom discussion or post them in the prompt for a threaded discussion or journal entry in LearningStudio. Videos can offer new perspectives, provide illustrations of concepts or realities that students might not truly “get” without a visual aid, and can provide a succinct review of content. They are also great unit introductions, nicely helping students make the transition between old knowledge and new content. Likewise, you can have students use video content as reference material for writing or as knowledge that students demonstrate in an exam or quiz.

First, note that we’ve collected some video resources for you on the multimedia portion of our website. Of particular use might be the tutorial on embedding YouTube videos in LearningStudio and the link to the amazing list of educational internet streaming videos collected by the Arizona State librarians.

Here’s another briefer round-up of video sites – some of these, like TED and the Khan Academy, we’ve covered before. However, I’d like to draw your attention to Open Culture, as this site has some of the most interesting free thought-provoking videos on the web. It’s not all textbook-educational; as the name suggests, the focus is on culture. That said, there are some real gems when it comes to arts, science, and foreign language learning resources.

Here’s a tip for what seems like a useful video transcoder – in case you need to convert video formats so they can play on a variety of devices, for example. Note that this relies on open-source software, so you’ll definitely want to carefully review the tool before you begin.

If you’d like to take it to the next level and have your students actually produce videos, here’s a great scholarly article on some of the methodology and pedagogy associated with having students produce their own educational video content via their smartphones. Also, here’s a useful review of various video-creation resources for the DIY-ers.

And, last, because well, we’re talking about video – and, thus, how can you not have this song in your head?!


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