We had a demo of the product Highlighter a few weeks ago, by Co-Founder & CEO Josh Mullineaux (@joshmullineaux) and VP of Sales John Holdcroft (@johnholdsea).

Per their website:

“Highlighter is a web application that creates a dynamic relationship between publishers and readers. With Highlighter, readers can share, save, and comment on words, sentences, paragraphs and even images. All of this data is passed back to the publisher in the form of powerful analytics.”

Our staff has just started playing with this in the past few days.  So far it’s pretty cool!  I see a lot of uses faculty/students could have with this product to edit documents, collaborate on peer-review of papers, and potentially demonstrate the critical thinking a student does while reading a document (i.e. highlighting items they find to be important or that raise questions, etc.).  There is an e-book storefront to sell & publish your documents, analytics behind the scenes, security features, and mobile device support.

Josh & John so far have been very eager to hear feedback and quick to respond to questions.   As this is a growing product, there are still changes being implemented and development is still happening, including a new redesign of pieces of their site/tool to launch in the next few weeks.

We look forward to “playing” with Highlighter more and figuring out the ins/outs.   To try it out for yourself, go to Http://www.highlighter.com and select “Sign up” in the top right corner.   If you create a sandbox account to test and want us to join in, send an invite to elearning@tcu.edu and we will be happy to try it out with you!

I’ll be posting more once I dig in a little more. Stay tuned…



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