Clickers and Medical Education

I love Derek Bruff‘s latest blog post on clickers and medical education for a couple of reasons.

First, it gives a great subject-specific overview of how clickers might make a concrete difference in the classroom. Look at all the different types of questions one could ask using clickers: that’s some serious student engagement, reflective thinking, and quick feedback!

Second, it uses Prezi as the vehicle for presenting his ideas. Prezi is sort of like a zoomable, hybrid whiteboard-sideshow that lives in the cloud. If you haven’t seen a Prezi presentation before, give this one whirl. And, if you decide you’d like to try and make your own, note that they have some free educational licenses.

p.s. Should you ever need to put a Prezi on a blog, here is the how-to.


One thought on “Clickers and Medical Education

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