Easier Proofreading

I’d say, “easy proofreading” – but perhaps there’s no such thing?

Here’s a tip about using text-to-speech software to get your device (computer or ereader) to read documents under review aloud. After all, the ear is far better than the eye when it comes to catching clunky sentences (indeed!). Your students could also use this method to review their own drafts – feel free to share this tip!

There’s also a way to add a text-to-speech button to Microsoft Word.

p.s. For iPad users among you, Web Reader HD ($4.99) seems to offer functionality with Microsoft Word; Web Reader – Text to Speech ($1.99) suggests it works with iPhones. A word to the wise: I haven’t tried either, and, of course, you’ll want to read the terms and conditions for each app.


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