Lectures and Exams

First, here’s a great-rundown on how to record lecture introductions that you can then upload to YouTube and embed in your course shell. You could use this both in an exclusively online course or in your course shell to set the stage for something you do/present in a face-to-face class. She uses iMovie, but you could use any video recording program to which you have access. Note that she also directs you to link to the files using YouTube’s embed code. We have some LearningStudio-specific directions on how to do this, just in case you need more information.

Second, exam time approaches. Multiple-choice questions are a common exam element, both for online and in-person courses. Here’s a great post on writing multiple-choice questions for higher-level thinking. Yes, it starts with the well-trodden ground of Bloom’s taxonomy, but it ends with some helpful and focused tips.


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