The price is right

Here are a few free items that might make your eLearning life a little easier.

1. From Enspire Learning, a free ebook on case studies for the medical and healthcare fields. These are snapshots of the custom ecourses Enspire has created for healthcare industry firms, but a clever instructor could adapt the problem-solving paradigm in order to make these scenarios applicable to a classroom setting. (Note that there’s also a free End-of-life Nursing scenario on their demo page.)

2. Mobile email can be associated with sloppy proofreading and short, brusque sentences. No more! Read about free text expansion options – including something super-easy for iOS5 users. Now you can compose your own shorthand for “please carefully review your paper for spelling, grammar, and citation errors” when you answer multiple student emails on the go.

3. Quick tech tip for Office 2010 users: did you know there’s a built-in screen capture feature? The screenshot tool is located on the Insert tab, and you have the option to snag your whole screen or just one open window. The selected image is then automatically pasted into your Office document and the image editing menus appear. Cool, huh? Talk about an easy way to get tables, charts, etc. into your documents or presentations!


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