November 2011 Newsletter

The Koehler Center’s November 2011 Newsletter is now up on our website.

Here’s a brief look at the contents:

  • Interesting Snapshot – “Teacher Gender & Class Size: Effect on Active Learning Practices”
  • Learning Outcomes – “Outcomes-based Proof of Learning in Higher Education”
  • Teaching Excellence News – “Teaching Students to Listen and Summarize (and think better!)”
  • Articles & Books – “Gender-based College Teaching Differences?”
  • eLearning News – Pearson LearningStudio Firefox 7 Fix, Take your Course Shell to the Next Level, Teaching Technologies: Tips & Tools Blog
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About kate marshall

I work for the Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence at Texas Christian University. I am interested in technology, teachers, learners, and pedagogy - and the relationship(s) among these four. I also like cooking, knitting, and running (alas, in that order!).

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