Happy Halloween! I’ve rounded up some fun links for you today.
All treats, no tricks – I promise!

1.  A virtual cadaver. This is, well, exactly what you might think. Here’s a concise description:

An interactive anatomy study table that allows students to find out what the inside of a human body looks like without making a single cut. Instead of using a scalpel, students use their finger to make “incisions” in the 3D projection of a human body. The table offers doctors and students an incredibly accurate and detailed image of skeletal and muscle systems . . . . Touchscreen technology allows students to spin, drag, and make incisions in the digital flesh, examining different body parts more closely. In the future, students will be able to take home scans that they looked at during class and view them on their iPad or other mobile devices.

Now that is cool, huh? No price listed, alas. But it could be pretty nifty for patient education and for teams of healthcare providers who could collaborate and demonstrate their particular concerns before, say, the patient is open on the operating table.

2. Six E-Learning Demons to Avoid. Hokey? Yes. Useful? Absolutely. I’d also add something about not Frankensteining your online content by mashing together items with different styles, design themes, clashing fonts, etc.  Of course, none of our wise readers would be guilty of such horrifying behavior!

3. Innovative uses for eLearning tools. Think of that pillowcase that became a candy bag – or, as the author suggests, the screwdriver that protects you from zombies. You’re a pro at re-purposing! You can also creatively use the items in your eLearning toolbox. Don’t let habit or the stated function be your limit. The author mentions how he uses PowerPoint and quiz software (note that you can’t do this sort of slide view with quiz option in LearningStudio) to do things other than to make presentations and give quizzes. What’s your pillowcase / screwdriver – what tool are you successfully using outside of its stated purpose?


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